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  • What is the role of the Attorney General?

    22 de May de 2019

    This position is entirely related to the Public Ministry, which is responsible for overseeing the three powers (Executive, Legislative and Judiciary)....

  • Alimony in pregnancy

    21 de May de 2019

    Pregnancy foods are foods to be paid from parents to children, fixed only in those cases where the child has not yet been born, that is, food is fixed...

  • Alimony provision of accounts

    15 de May de 2019

    As an introduction, let us think of the following hypothesis: the custody of the child was established to one of the parents, the other parent, who do...

  • LC 167/2019, founder of Inova Simples

    29 de April de 2019

    It was published on 04/25/2019 Complementary Law No. 167/2019, which provides for the Simple Credit Company (ESC) and instituted the Simple Inova. INO...

  • Scheme of goods in marriage

    29 de April de 2019

    Property regime is the statute that disciplines the economic, active and passive interests of a marriage, regulating the consequences in relation to t...