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Making our customers’ lives easier

28 de September de 2020

Our goal in the office is to make people’s lives easier.

To clients with extrajudicial demands, we seek the best economic and legal solutions with preventive actions.

To clients with legal proceedings, the best and shortest possible route.

But when we talk about legal proceedings, our focus is on the judge. Our manifestations are always in the sense of facilitating the work of the judge, because it is he who we have to convince, it is he who will analyze the evidence and give the sentence.

With that in mind, we are including some visual and graphic elements in our demonstrations. We haven’t taken a course on visual law, but, little by little, we are taking this technique to the next level.

In the case of this image, we made this comparative table of two cases in which we asked the judge in case X to block values ​​in case Y.