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Null, white vote and abstentions

11 de November de 2020


Have you noticed that on the electronic ballot box there is a white key written “white”? Well then, when the voter presses this key and confirms he is voting blank. That is, he indicates that he has no preference for any candidate or party.


“I pressed the wrong keys when I went to vote.” Yeah. You voted null. When the voter enters a non-existent candidate or party number and confirms he is canceling the vote.

These votes do not go to anyone. Neither for who is winning nor for the party. In practice, whites and nulls have the same effect: they are invalid and do not count votes (they do not count).


And this ABSTENTION? What candidate is this, my friend? Which party?

Calm. This is not a candidate. Abstention is the sum of all voters who did not vote (justifying the absence or not). Abstentions also do not affect the result.

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